People’s health contributes enormously to GDP. When a person falls ill and pays to get admitted in a hospital, undergoes a treatment by paying a certain amount, or purchases medicines from a pharmacy, the GDP increases. Similarly when doctors, nurses, and pharmacists are offering their services in a hospital, and are getting paid for their services, the GDP increases. Our Health Community is called GDP Health Super Community which is a wealth of knowledge and SMEs who are directly connected with health related areas and contributing to the GDP of their nation.

Whether you are a Professional or a Freelancer who can provide expert advice in any aspect of health, or a Writer who can pen down your knowledge in multiple digital formats on health, then, GDP Health is the perfect place you need to be in.


Our Super Communities are focused groups which talk about subjects that influence the GDP of a country. Our Communities are an ocean of knowledge where members who are a part of it can contribute and acquire knowledge about a subject in which they have great knowledge and interest...
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